The official countdown for the summer has started! If you still haven’t thought about which swimsuits to pack in your suitcase for your holidays, you have no more excuses. Do you know which are the swimwear pieces that will spice up your beach days? No worries if you haven’t studied yet, The Blonde Salad is here to teach you everything about beachwear trends, from luxury item to affordable pieces and some gorgeous tips straight from our #shoptheblondesalad!



Striped one-piece swimsuit

We already told you: the one-piece swimsuit is the must have for summer 2018! Our holiday closet can’t get enough of this beautiful piece, that is awesome to wear on the beach, but also out of the water. The coolest print? Stripes, such as the ones that give this special vibe to Sweet Summer X The Blonde Salad swimsuit, one of the most amazing swimwear piece for the summer! Pink or blue, which is your fave? If you don’t know which one to pick, we suggest you both!

Bandana print bikini

Nineties are in fashion this year. And bandanas for sure are the hypest accessory to wear, that can give some lively touch to our bags or to our belts! Bandana print is the dopest of the moment, and it’s Chiara Ferragni 100% approved! Take a look at Calzedonia‘s bandana bikini, that is already one of her fave!

Surfwear style swimsuit

Would you like to try some surf this summer? You should, because that’s the right season to surf with elegance, style and coolness! If you want to feel like real surfers, don’t miss this Eres beautiful surf-style one-piece swimsuit: we bet you will never leave your surf!

Crochet bikini

In summer, we feel more gipsy and romantic. And crochet, in this summer 2018, are among the most fashionable beachwear trends. Don’t forget to pack a wonderful crochet bikini in your suitcase… better if it’s Bolamì X The Blonde Salad! Our fave colour? Purple, that is so cool to enhance your tan! And, as you can see in the pic below, it matches perfectly with pool water!

Total white swimsuit

We already told you that the one-piece swimsuit is the must have of the summer. Now, we’re telling you which is the colour you can’t miss: white! Yes, let’s forget our fears to unveil too much: total white swimsuits are so fashionable and you only have to choose some diving-proof pieces to avoid any “wardrobe malfuncion”! Just like Calzedonia’s one, that Chiara Ferragni loves for its laces and its bodycon silhouette. If you still don’t want to risk, you should know that it can be worn as a bodysuit, matched with a pair of denim shorts!

Chenille bikini

Chenille is the fabric that is ruling beachwear trends for 2018. It has always been considered a winter fabric, but actually it’s so cool on swimsuit pieces! Its shimmering effect, matched with bright colours like aqua green, is perfect to enhance your tan. If you want an example, take a look at The Blonde Salad e-store: Hartès X The Blonde Salad casule collection is the ultimate beachwear item to spiece up your summer outfits!  

One-piece swimsuits that look like bikinis

One-piece or bikini? That’s a very hard choice. For once, we don’t have to choose! One-piece swimsuits that look like bikinis actually are so cool: on the front they look like bikinis, on the back they reveal themselves as swimsuits! An amazing trick, don’t you think? Our fave is Tezenis‘ one. We only have a suggestion for you: wear it only when you’re tan is at its best!

Pin up style bikinis

In 2018, Nineties isn’t the only cool decade. Fifties, as well, are back on trend and they’re ruling even the beachwear world. Polka dot are so hype, the best print to add a lively and funny touch to our summer outfits! For the ultimate pin up style, we suggest you Lisa Marie Fernandez polka dot bikini. We’re sure you’ll fall in love as well with its style!

Pineapple printed swimsuits 

Pineapples are the most fashionable fruits of the season and if you don’t want to lose your extra coolness on the beach, you should immediately pack a pineapple printed swimsuit! If you don’t know where to find it, we’re telling you right now: on #shoptheblondesalad you can take a bite of this awesome Lazycrab X The Blonde Salad one-piece swimsuit, with a super funny pineapple pattern. A TBS style tip? Wear it with a easy-breezy mini skirt for you cocktail parties on the beach!

Check bikinis

Summer 2018 is the season of geometric patterns: stripes and checks, in fact, ruled the latest collections, that we saw both on the runways and on the streets. Beachwear, of course, couldn’t help but follow this trend! Inspired by Formula 1, TommyXGigi check bikini will be your ultimate MVP for the summer: a true Millennial piece that will make you feel as cool as Gigi Hadid!


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