Do you know which is the coolest accessory for summer 2018? A straw bag! The Blonde Salad crew is trilled about the season to come and we can’t wait to make it even more special with an accessory that already became on our summer fave. Thanks to a brand that got into our hearts with its fresh and young attitude, perfect to stay with us through our hot and sunny days at the sea. Who are we talking about? Cuccumia, an italian brand that you’ll love!



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In 2014 designer Eleonora Nobile Mino, born in 1969 in Rome and with past professional experiences in art and interior design, had a wonderful idea: turn the traditional straw bag, the same that generations of women carried on the beach, into a desirable accessory. She reinterpeted a cult piece, considered by the younger consumers a bit unfashionable, with a beach couture style attitude, turning it into a real must have.



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Her passion for straw baskets and for monograms made everything: Eleonora brought to life a contemporary and col collection. These two passions are behind the brand name, Cuccumia: on one side there’s the “cuccuma”, meaning “container, bin” according to the original dialect of South Italy, and “mia”, the Italian translation of “my”. The combination of those words emphasizes the idea of the choice to wear an exclusive Cuccumia bag: everyone, actually, is embroidered with a lettering, that can stand for a monogram, a funny name or every word that represent the style of the woman who carries it. The best way to express our fashion statement!


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This brand 100% made in Italy craftmanship and its unique style made us fell imediately in love and wish to create a straw bag that could express The Blonde Salad urban-cool style, mashing up to Cuccumia’s vintage-chic attitude. Since we first met Eleonora, we created two bags that are already a cult on our e-shop. The straw became the perfect canvas to write on two words that represent our attitude and especially the way we want to live our summer 2018.



Cuccumia X The Blonde Salad


“Ciao” is one the Cuccumia X The Blonde Salad big bag, “Amo” instead is on the small one. These two bags, with their fresh-luxury artisanal touch, are perfect to be matched with our holiday looks, but also to give spice up our summer city outfits.


Do you want to know more about Cuccumia? Discover all the new bags for summer 2018 in the gallery below!




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