The coolest bags for summer 2018? We’re sure you already heard this question a thousand times lately, and that the answers are pretty much always the same: straw bags, satchel bags, designer bags… This summer, do you prefer to just follow the trends like anyone else, or to diktate them with the dopest handbag ever? If you’re more into this last option, stay here: we’re unveiling the coolest capsule collection for the summer! It’s by Escudama X The Blonde Salad, the perfect collection to spice up your summer outfits!



Do you remember school bags? If you’re equal in age to our dearest Chiara Ferragni, it must have been your must have when you were a kid! Books, pencils, crayons… they hid all our childhood treasures! And we have to say they were so much cooler than actual rucksacks! Well, if you remember them with a bit of nostalgia, you should know that this summer school bags are so in trend. Believe in The Blonde Salad, because we just created an amazing limited edition collection with Escudama, a 100% Made in Italy brand that made the school bag its icon!




Do you want to know what Escudama taught us? That these bags are not a school memory anymore! Once they carried all the most precious objects in our childhood, now…it’s pretty much the same! They’re perfect to hide all our digital addictions, such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks! You just need to take a look at @escudama1981 official account to realize how school bags can be fashionable in 2018! Escudama’s secret? An artisanal production and a contemporary vibe… that is making crazy many many adults!




Patent has been one of the greatest fashion trends of 2018 and it seems it doesn’t want to leave us so soon! We at The Blonde Salad decided to reinterpret this trend with Escudama, to add a super young and cool touch to the old school bag! Escudama X The Blonde Salad Jacopo Basket bag is “the” bag for this summer: perfect as a handbag for posher outfits, super casual as a backpack for the ultimate urban look. Our top match? A sweater dress and a pair of sneakers, to get through our city days in style!

Do you want to discover the perfect colours to add a super pop vibe to your summer outfits? We say a big yes to fluo shades, that are so cool to enhance the glossy and shining finish of patent. We picked green, fuxia and orange for our Escudama X The Blonde Salad Marta bag, a mini bag that will make you go crazy! Our style tip? Don’t wear it as a crossbody bag, like anyone else do, but around your waist as a belt bag! We bet your Instagram followers will immediately copy your look!

We’re telling you a secret right now: the Escudama X The Blonde Salad collection is perfect to follow you during the day, but also at night! If you love the same metallic effect that made every spring summer 2018 collection so sparkling, your closet need to welcome a new entry: our limited edition Angela baguett! It’s the perfect clutch to carry all your necessaire, from credit card to lipstick and smartphone, and it will absolutely give a sparkling touch to your #OOTD! A TBS style tip? Match it with neutral and basic colours on your clothes… you don’t want to blind anybody, do you?

If you want to discover more about Escudama’s world and our amazing capsule collection, don’t miss our gallery below! And go straight to our The Blonde Salad official Instagram account, where you can always find georgeous tips for your top outfits!


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