Accessories, for The Blonde Salad, are a true addiction…and we’re especially obsessed by sunglasses. In these spring weeks, we can’t think about which outfit to wear if we haven’t pick up our fav shades first. Do you want to know which is our favourite brand of the moment? Glassing, an eyewear brand that will make you fall in love!



Glassing story is like a movie, but the most brilliant and unexpected ones. Actually, it’s a true story! Everuthing starts in summer 2010 in Ibiza. Alessandro Forte and Stefano Ottone, two italian friends that became business partners in an innovative venture: the production of multi-colored sunglasses, distributed through automatic distributors inside the island’s many clubs. In one summer alone, more than 20,000 pairs could be spotted across the beaches and bars.



Glassing‘s journey starts here and soon it will became a hot brand in the international fashion world. They were able to turn the sunglasses into a statement accessory, thanks to its cutting-edge shapes and its innovative materials, its ability to forecast trends and its 100% Made in Italy craftmanship. The turning point was in 2011, when Glassing launched Music Skin, with an original leather effect that won Vogue Talent in 2011.




Today Glassing is a company with a 1.500 opticians and luxury boutiques network all over the world and flagship stores in cities like Capri, Taormina, Portofino, Cannes and Forte dei Marmi and more to come in Saint-Tropez and Moscow. With its avant-garde style, Glassing conquered the hearts of hot celebritie like Justin Bieber, Kate Moss, Rihanna and Cristiano Ronaldo.




Glassing’s new and fresh aesthetic speaks the same language as The Blonde Salad, since we’re always looking for brands with a contemporary and new touch. We created with Glassing a tre sunglasses casule collection, with a urban cool attitude. Wild Sunglasses by Glassing x The Blonde Salad reinterpret the traditional aviator frames, while Amelie by Glassing X The Blonde Salad is a super posh cat-eye, perfect to give the ultimate elegant look to a casual outfit. Phenomenon Sunglasses by Glassing X The Blonde Salad, with their blue frames, are the best for vintage addicted!




Discover everything about Glassing in our gallery below!





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