From Belluno to Los Angeles. No, they’re not the stop-overs of our next summer trip. Actually, they’re the cities that where the story of Rédélé starts and arrives. We’re talking about a 100% Italian eyewear brand, that we’re going to take with us on our holiday. Its beautiful sunglasses already became our favourite must-have. And we’re not alone: our dearest Chiara Ferragni is obsessed with them, as well! Are you curious about Rédélé? You only have to read our story!



What do Belluno and Los Angeles have in common? They’re the beginning and the final destination of Rédélé, an eyewear brand that built his history between Italy and California. Surrounded by the beautiful Dolomites, in the well-known eyewear district that from 150 years is true Italian excellence, Alessandro De Vecchi founded Rédélé in 2012, mixing his passion for craftsmanship to high quality and contemporary touch, always looking at the most innovative technologies.


After five successful seasons, the brand’s creative team took a new direction and moved across the ocean to sun-drenched Los Angeles, the hotspot for fashion-forward, sophisticated, confident and laid-back lifestyles. This new chapter brought Rédélé to set his rules in one of the most challenging places on Earth, where to find inspiration by the Californian vibes that make so many people in the world crazy.




The new Rédélé collection is a celebration of the brand’s newly established Southern Californian roots.  Alessandro and his team take their influences from classic sunglasses, including American designs and the legendary Los Angeles icons of the past, plus the creative community of today. An appreciation of effortlessness and the good life always drives the collection. Pop colours, contemporary silhouettes, and vintage vibes are the details that made our dearest Chiara Ferragni to fell in love with this brand: in her days in Los Angeles, Rédélé sunglasses were her best style friends to add a cool touch to her looks!



Italy and Los Angeles are the perfect settings to tell about a successful story. These are the places where The Blonde Salad story took place, and at the same time, they’re the spots that brought Rédélé to become a cult brand. We couldn’t un-notice these two things we have in common! That’s why this collaboration with Rédélé became an easy and funny challenge, driven by the desire to express our core values. The result is the Rédélé X The Blonde Salad capsule collection, with six amazing frames. Are you ready to discover them all?

Candy pink is one of our favourite colours ever, and you know why? Because it takes us to Californian atmospheres and sunsets. We made it the main detail of our Rédélé X The Blonde Salad Donna Rose and Fuchsia sunnies, with a super cool cat-eye shape. The best accessory to give a romantic touch to your  #OOTD!

Do you already know which is the coolest shade for summer 2018? Is aqua! Thanks to its tones near to green and light blue, it gave a super fresh vibe to all the new collections of the season. We chose it for two frames of our Rédélé X The Blonde Salad capsule collection: Donna Pale Blue and Aquamarine and Malibu Aquamarine and Coral.

Are you more into classics and you love vintage sunglasses, always perfect with each look? You’re in the right place. Why? Because Rédélé and The Blonde Salad celebrated traditional style with three amazing sunnies: Donna Black and Ice White frames, with their fantastic cat-eye shape; Malibu Black and Ice White sunglasses, with their total black attitude, and Malibu Smoke and Pale Blue ones, with super fashionable blue shades.


Are you guys more curious about the Rédélé universe? Our gallery below is here to satisfy your appetite. Discover all the new Rédélé frames for the summer and know more about The Blonde Salad collections: just take a look at these pics!

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