#Neverstop. Since forever, that’s The Blonde Salad mantra. That’s the motto that defines everything we do. And when we find someone who share the same vision, well, the chemistry is immediate. We fell in love with a 100% italian brand that “never stops”, thanks to its style that is so similar to ours. Today we introduce you Vicolo, one of the coolest brand on our e-shop that created with us a unique capsule collection, that definetely will become a cult!




Why do we fell in love with Vicolo? Because it speaks our language. It’s always on the move, defining a unique lifestyle experience, and it’s always looking for dynamic and funny women, who prefer to forecast fashion trends instead of simply follow them and who love a metropolitan-posh style. Is this your description? Well, it’s just because Vicolo style is so aligned with our urban-cool mood!




Vicolo mashes up apparently different worlds, creating a mix and match really unique. Street style contaminations, atmospheres of dynamic cities such as Milan and Los Angeles, urban vibes melt with more romantic inspirations, with a typical girlish touch. The result is a collection that starts from iconic contemporary sportswear pieces, like trackpants and college-inspired sweatshirts, and goes through more fashion items, like check pvc trench, i printed long dresses and fanny packs.



We were so conquered by Vicolo’s world that we didn’t hesitate to study together with them a limited edition collection that could best express the alignment of these two different, but still with very much in common, universes. The result is a three-pieces capsule collection, for the ultimate The Blonde Salad outfit!



Vicolo X The Blonde Salad tee


We never stop, especially dreaming. that’s why we chose “Dream Never Stop” claim to light up Vicolo X The Blonde Salad tee, a cropped sporty-chic T-shirt that will be so cool in your more casual outfits. Its perfect match is the Vicolo X The Blonde Salad denim skirt, available in 6 different colours and customized with a sparkling lighting bolt patch.



Vicolo X The Blonde Salad sweater


Lighting bolt happened to be this limited edition kinda logo. We also find it on the Vicolo X The Blonde Salad sweater, that is perfect to be worn as a mini dress, to style the best casual-and-cool look ever.


Do you want to discover more about Vicolo X The Blonde Salad collection? Take a look at our gallery below, where you’ll find everything you need to know about Vicolo!


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