In Italy we have to wait until September 19th, but in the States the Incredibles 2 are already a hit! The superheroes created by Disney Pixar came back on screen after 14 years and, as the first episode, it smashes every animation record: during the opening weekend, the movie scored 140 million dollars: the previous animation record-holder was Finding Dory, which had a 135 million dollars launch in 2016.



Are you tired of superhero movies? Well, the Incredibles 2 are the perfect one for you! Just like in the first episode, the Parr family is once again trying to find its balance between parental duties, children struggle and… baddies! But after 14 years, everything has changed: now is Helen, aka Elastigirl, is selected to be the first to undertake the stunt by openly fighting crime. Bob, better known as Mr. Incredible, is taking care of the kids, trying to deal with Dash and Violet teenage problems and little Jack-Jack who is discovering his superpowers. But a new evil, Screenslaver, is out there…



No more waiting. 💥 See #Incredibles2, now playing in theatres.

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Every family has his struggles to face… even the ones that are composed by superheroes! After 14 years, the Incredibles are able to make us laugh so much, but also to keeping up with the contemporary problems every family has. Worker mums, fathers at home with their children, teenage kids with all their big and little dramas… The Incredibles 2 is like a mirror, and watching is we can realize how everything gets better if we stay with the people we love!


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