Outer beauty is just a mirror of the inner one. Do you think it’s a cliché? Well, it’s not true! Taking care of ourselves is the first step to feel on top. It’s not always easy to balance private and professional life, but it’s so important to find some time for ourselves. The secret? Our inner strength! Chiara Ferragni, every day, shows us how to deal with her busy life with energy and enthusiasm.



“Strong is beautiful”. That’s the mantra that Chiara Ferragni invites us to follow, showing us on Instagram how she takes care of herself. Starting from what we eat. Food gives us the energy to face our schedule. Do you know which is Chiara Ferragni’s fave meal? Breakfast! She loves to change her recipes every day, from avocado toasts to granola, almond milk, and açai bowls. Sport is very important, too. Her morning training is a fundamental moment in her daily routine, that helps her to collect all the positive vibes to challenge her schedule.


To feel on top, we can count on a special friend: Pantene! Chiara’s daily cuddle during these fashion weeks and these days of photo-shoots all around the world? Pantene Shampoo with Nutrient Pro-V™ blend, with its nutrient-rich lather, infuses every strand, nourishing and moisturizing while washing, and fueling hair with 100% strength. Pantene Gel technology, in fact, helps Nutrient Pro-V™ blend not to be washed away. That’s why it’s perfect for daily use, to keep hair feeling strong, nourished and moisturized from morning to night!



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