We can’t get enough of 90s supermodels. After the Versace fashion show’s reunion last september with Claudia SchifferNaomi CampbellCarla BruniHelena Christensen and Cindy Crawford, younger generations had the chance to get in touch with the very first group of top models that became real celebrities. We can have a throwback to those wonderful years whenever we want thanks to The90sssupermodels, the Instagram account that every day posts true memorabilias. Michelle Martin, is the mind behind this profile and answered all our questions in this interview.



Naomi,Claudia,Christy,Elle #FashionCafe 1996 🍔🍟

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When and why did you start you Instagram account about 90s super models?

I started this account in 2013! One day I just missed the beauty of the 90s supermodels and wanted to share and post their iconic photos on Instagram to share with others who also felt the same about these beautiful women.


How did they change the fashion industry back then?

I think they changed the industry a lot by being the first ever models to become global superstars in the same sense as movies stars and popstars were. For me they were/are the popstars of the modeling world. In fact they were even for the first time ever more famous than many singers and actresses. I think overall they were the first group of models to bring modeling into mainstream pop culture on a global scale.



Versace’s september reunion was a major event, especially for the younger generations that didn’t know very much about them. Do you think it was the real beginning of a 90s revival or it was already coming even before Versace show?

I loved the Versace reunion and how the younger generation got to see the impact of these powerful women. The Versace reunion pictures are my most liked/viewed photos and videos I have ever posted! I think a 90s revival has always been here even before the Versace reunion. Since making my page I have gotten to see and follow so many other 90s beauty/fashion pages. A lot of people love the 90s era for continual inspo and nostalgia.


Let’s take Cindy and Kaia, two icons of two different models generations. How the supermodel role has hanged, also thanks to social media?

Social media has changed the role of model in that now they are building an audience through what they post to their Instagram rather than just what the girls are seeing on their tvs or in their magazines. I think it’s pretty cool that models can reach an audience so fast and with just one click. Especially now that celebrities dominate most of the tv commercials and magazine covers!



Who are the new Cindy, Claudia, Naomi, Carla, Helena, Christy, Linda?

I don’t think there is a new Cindy, Claudia, Naomi… because every girl brings her own unique talent to the table, but there are now so many great new faces with potential. Anna Ewers is like a baby Claudia Schiffer at times. Grace Elizabeth gives me a bit of Paulina Porizkova, Cindy Crawford or 90s Gisele Bundchen vibes. Vittoria Ceretti, when photographed by certain photographers, can give me Linda Evangelista vibes. And of course Kaia Gerber, like a baby Cindy who is already so impressive and confident on the runway at such a young age. Karlie Kloss seems to be following in a similar path as Christy Turlington with her charity work and wanting to help girls. What I love with the new generation of models is you can see a bit of inspiration of the 90s models in a lot of what they do, whether its their work ethic, a hair style, a certain photoshoot, their charity work etc. You can see that the 90s models are icons for every generation!

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