The most precious colour for this summer? Neither gold, nor silver! Tiffany green is the perfect shade to give that royal touch to your summer outfits. After disappearing for some seasons from the trends radars, even after having a massive success (actually, a poll certified it was the most common colour at weddings!), Tiffany green is back to set the rules in this summer 2018!




Pensare al color verde Tiffany ci fa subito venire in mente una famosa gioielleria sulla Fifth Avenue a New York e un’altrettanto celebre film con Audrey Hepburn protagonista. Questa particolare tonalità, in origine “uovo di Pettirosso”, è rimasta per sempre associata a questo brand per via del suo catalogo, rilegato in un’elegante copertina… verde Tiffany appunto!



Aqua green, Aquamarine, even Tiffany blue… whatever you call it, it will always be one of the most fashionable colours in 2018. Its particular shade is perfect to light up stronger contrasting tones or to soften a bold and edgy look, adding to the entire ensemble a precious and luxurious attitude.



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How to wear Tiffany green in this summer 2018? Its luxury touch don’t allow us to suggest it as the colour of your sporty looks: choose it only on your most sophisticated looks, for example a masculine blazer or a romantic dress, better if it’s printed with florals. Do you want to dare with a Tiffany green total look? Well, you should channel the amazing gown worn by Frances McDormand at Met Gala 2018!



If Tiffany green doesn’t get along well with sporty looks, that doesn’t mean it’s not perfect on your urban outfits. Its delicate tone is the ideal colour to add some light to your metropolitan ensemnles. Our style tip? Choose it always on light fabrics, such as cotton, satin, organa and voile. With plastic and vynil fabrics, for example, it could result very heavy.




Do you really want to know which is the coolest way to style Tiffany green? A gorgeous one-piece swimsuit! Tiffany green is amazing to enhance your tan, giving an amazing natural glow. We bet you couldn’t get enough of this colour, after you’ll tried on your best summer outfits!



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