A few years ago, logos were considered the tackiest element ever on a dress or an accessory. We couldn’t deal with them printed on canvas or plastic bags, on ballerina flats or boots: it took us to see two letters crossed, overlapped or nestled onto each other to make us run away terrified. Time flies: now they’re cooler than ever and we can’t help wear oversized logos on bimber jackets or T-shirts.

Why everything changed? Well, actually just a little, but impressive, detail changed. Logos are the most recognizable brand’s elements: playing on monogram, they can express their philosophy and aesthetics. And by the way, they’re a brand biggest sellers. That’s why, maybe, many fashion houses used them on everything, never asking of it was necessary to reinvent or make them more creative.

Actually, many brand turning point was to question if logos and monograms need a restyling. And many of them did it: they redesigned them, they mock them and even distort their spelling. Gucci, for example, create the new Guccy logo for Cruise 2018, while Balenciaga designed a Usa election inspired logo. Versace, instead, found in its beautiful archive a vintage lettering from the Eighties.



Next season, there’s only one rule: the bigger, the better. Nineties revival is behind the hypest fashion collaborations with iconic sportswear brands, for example Champion for Vetements or Kappa and Fila for Gosha Rubchinskiy, where logos are designed like a true statements. Our fave logo? Obviously, The Blonde Salad one, an awesome detail for the T-shirt we launched to celebrate the first anniversary of our e-shop. By the way, you can still buy it, you know?


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