It’s spring: it’s time to shine! Gold, silver, glitter and mirror finishings: the metal effect is probably the trend we’ll wear the most in spring summer 2018. Shimmering details will make our outfits memorable, with the ultimate “bling bling” touch.


If the new season’s diktat is to sparkle, you should always remember it’s better to use this colours little by little. That’s why you should add some sparkle details only on bags and shoes.



We just saw this trend during the fashion shows: metal shoes and bags are one of the biggest must have of the season. Let’s fall in love, then, with ankle boots and sneakers, that can really turn our more casual and traditional looks into a real hit. What about purses? Silver and gold are quite difficult to wear, that’s why it’s better to focus on tiny accessories like clutches, pochettes and mini handbags.


We just can’t have enough of metal accessories…so we couldn’t resist the temptation to add some shimmering effect to our e-store collections, too. We created two gorgeous limited edition capsule collections: Unlace X The Blonde Salad ankle boots and Escudama X The Blonde Salad baguette, both available in silver and gold. They will light up your spring outfits with a matchy-matchy touch!


Do you want to shake up your closet with a sparkling touch? Don’t miss our gallery below, with the best from fashion shows and shopping online!




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