hawaii ​Just a ​few days ago, Chiara posted a photo taken in Tulum, in which she was about to enjoy ​a ​tasty avocado toast for breakfast, while wearing a Hawa​i​ian shirt. It’s not the first time she wore one, she ​particularly likes this kind of shirts — and she’s not the only one!
​Hawaiian shirts​ became icon​ic​ after being worn by many​ famous characters​: among others, legendary Elvis in Blue Hawaii, Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I., and last but not least, young Leo Di Caprio in Romeo+Juliet. Hawaiian shirts were spotted quite often in street style, recently. They’re unisex, so both men and women became fans​ and lent an exotic touch to their looks, sporting a Hawaiian shirt, either tucked into their pants or skirt, or worn​ ​loosely.

Don’t have one yet? Then buy one, and wear anytime​, anywhere​! Take vintage ones: if you buy an XL one, you could wear it as a dress, while a more fitted one would work great wi​th​ your favorite pair of jeans. And it’s not just a summer trend: Prada had some of th​e​s​e​ shirts on the catwalk for Fall Winter 2016-2017, making it a cold season must-have, too. Have a look at our gallery for inspiration: ALOAH, guys!

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