trendsIt’s February and the fashion month will begin shortly. We don’t know if we’re ready or not, but what we’re sure of, is that stores are full of Spring Summer clothing when it’s still very cold outside. Hello, do you feel like trying something new without having to spend money, but just by standing in front of your closet (with the doors open of course)? We got you! We’ve found 10 style tips to inspire you straight from the Pre Fall 2016 collections. You’ll be cool without spending a dime. Excuse our coolness 😛

1 Evening top + turtleneck.
You know that ultra feminine top you have in your closet that never know when to wear??And what about your favorite turtleneck sweater?! Well, wear them together and you’ll be positively surprised by the result!

2 A coat as a dress.
From blazer jackets to trench coats, try to wear them with just a slip dress underneath one of those days when you feel particularly daring. Your boyfriend will be very happy. And not just him…

3 Layering.
You can’t stand the cold but you don’t want to put your amazing outfit aside? No problem. Have you ever thought of layering a turtleneck with a polo shirt and a pair of pants with a dress? Well, think about it.

4 Socks + barely there sandals.
If you have a pair of barely there sandals you love, but you think it’s not the right time to wear it yet, you’re actually right! Try it with a pair of nice socks, maybe masculine ones.

5. Two dresses, one on top of the other.
Get that dress that is too short from your closet and wear it over a slightly see through maxi dress for a subtly mysterious effect.

6 A belt over a sweater.
Wear a belt, preferably a thin one, over a pullover for a look with a vintage allure.

7 The unusual use of the scarf.
Who said it must only be worn around the neck? The most sensitive to the cold can use a maxi one as a belt, even over their favorite coat.

8 Rain boots in contrast with a dress.
You know how cool is Kate Moss? Yes, even in Glastonbury with mud up to her knees. Her ultra chic mini dresses and rain boots immediately came to our minds. An idea dedicated to those who feel like playing with contrasts.

9 Sweater inside wide legged pants.
It might seem a small touch but it will totally change your outfit. Remember: proportions!

10 Coat + leather jacket or other contrasting outerwear.
Leather all the time and everywhere. You can’t live without your leather jacket but you want to be a bit more elegant? No problem: put an elegant coat over it. Try it and see!




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