cover-trendsSpring Summer 2016 shows are officially over and with Paris Fashion Week we outlined the last trends of the season. We selected 3 of them for you that we can already start wearing this season.

Blue. From the darker tones to lighter shades,blue is one of next summer’s protagonists and it’s worth wearing it even in Winter, maybe matching it with black and beige for a super chic effect.

Mesh. Large mesh body offers a glimpse of skin, net simply printed on fabric or see-through dresses to be worn with peeking lingerie or strategic slips. Fashion unfolded its nets and we fell into the trap: they won us over! How to start wearing it right now? With a (seduction) classic: fishnet tights.

Future Africa. Imagine to be in a post-atomic era, somewhat recalling Hunger Games, where the inhabitants, descendants of the African peoples, live in technologically advanced reality in which they mix vague memories of their ancient traditions to heritage of their present time. What would they wear? The result is on the runway, where designers combine futuristic elements, like mirrored fabrics and ultra contemporary silhouettes, to colors, prints and tipically African accessories. A super cool and extremely interesting mix!



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