The calendar might be slightly devoid of important names (Rodarte, Proenza Schouler and Tommy Hilfiger are among the big names missing this season, for instance) but this NY fashion week was still one that should not be underestimated: the collections there were energy-packed and young, and they already traced some of the trends that will be center stage in Spring Summer 2018. So, here are our three favorites!

My Hips Don’t Lie. Remember Shakira’s song? Well, you’d better learn how to sway those hips like you come from Colombia, because your hips will be grabbing all attention, at least when it comes to looks. Strategic cuts and portholes, extremely low waist pants and high-cut bodysuits will put a spotlight back on this underrated, yet super super sexy part of your body.

Shirt mon amour. The perfect item for the change in seasons is also central to Spring Summer 2018 shows: wear it buttoned up and rigorous, or in a long version, flowing over your shorts as a dress — or even inside out, why not? A classic blue-white stripe pattern shirt can become a top, a dress or a hybrid top that makes us want to get creative (see what Alexander Wang did there).

Drape and fix. If the the sexiest kind of dress is the one that softly follows the contour of your body, giving the impression that it is just softly caressing it, while being held up by a series of threads forming a sort of coulisse that could come undone at any moment, Spring Summer 2018 will definitely be a very hot season. Yes, because that is exactly the kind of dress this trend dictates: dresses that you drape over your body, dotted with small coulisses that will make them follow your curves more comfortably: because we are all sexy, whatever our size is.

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