Paris is always a good idea: a lot of interesting brands recently moved to the French capital, and this blend of innovative and established brands brings up really interesting ideas and suggestions every season, both on catwalks and in the street. We watched the shows carefully, and tried to pick the 5 most important and significant trends for Spring Summer 2018 — start wearing them now!

Life in plastic, is fantastic! Barbie used to sing that in the famous Aqua hit song, and we decided to follow her lead after watching Chanel‘s shows, an ode to the explorer of waterfalls, who repairs deluxe clothing with sheer and chic accessories and clothing. Valentino‘s plastic biker jacket will be everyone’s secret wish for the season, and Balmain is also riding the trend. It might not be very eco-friendly, but after seeing Jimmy Choo‘s collaboration with Off White we can’t wait to wrap our pumps in some plastic sheets… It might not be super convenient, but imagine how practical it will be on rainy days! This is definitely our favorite trend!

Check. No irony here this time: checks will be the groundbreaking pattern for summer. While it might not be anything terribly innovative, it’s still a little odd to see a pattern we normally associate to winter and rainy days steal the show for Summer 2018. The secret lies in playing with colors: match it with bold colors and choose colorful ones, like Stella McCartney and Balenciaga do. Or go for matching, ton-sur-ton hues, and be forever chic.

Asymmetry. Life can be so boring… Let your clothing make you smile! It’s kinda fun to see how the most interesting clothing on the catwalk is the most deconstructed, clothing that plays with the idea of what clothing actually is, making a collage of different elements, creating something new and unpredictable. Jumpers with a trench on the front (Balenciaga) bustiers mixed with lace lingerie (McQueen) or just styling elements, like jackets let loose on one side, and tucked into the skirt on the other (Céline). This latest one is a really nice and simple trick to shake up even the most banal of outfits.

Shake it, shake it. One of my friends’ IG motto really does it for me:  “Why be moody when you can shake that booty?” So, yeah, fringe clothing makes us want to do just that: even if we don’t want to, fringes create the kind of movement that grabs attention, and that is just infectious. Don’t fringes make you want to dance, too? Whether it’s boots — Saint Laurent; bags — Balenciaga, or whole outfits, as with Loewe, Céline and Balmain, our tip is just to try and see.

Ruches. Romantic and retro, ruches show their sexier side this season, especially when they are used to decorate tiny, mini dresses that leave very little to the imagination — just see what Saint Laurent and Valentino did there. They make us think of the beauty of typical Spanish traditional clothing, from which they steal the bright red hues (McQueen) and the exuberance (Giambattista Valli).


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