Fashion shows are on at full throttle (Milan Fashion Week just finished and Paris Fashion Week is coming up next week), but the most interesting trends are the ones you see on the street, watching fashionistas and trendsetters. We picked 5 trends you can copy!

Sock boots. These are fashion editors’ lovelies, and they come in all sorts of versions. Our favorites are super colorful!

Peaked caps. The classic black sailor cap, with gold braid accents, seems to be a must have of all fashionistas… But will it lose its crown to the beret soon?

Colored-lens sunglasses. They can give an eclectic touch to the most basic of looks, and they are definitely an accessory you should invest some money on!

Belt bags. Trust us: there is nothing more convenient or cooler right now. You can wear it the traditional way, on your waist, maybe to close a jacket or a coat; or you can sling it over your shoulders like a celebrity.

Bags with circle handles. With metal or wooden circle handles, the coolest bags come in rigorous, structured shapes!

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