This weekend at the Givenchy show, Riccardo Tisci didn’t want to pass under the radar so he flew high enchanting us covering the models with extravagant facial piercings, heating up social medias.

It’s not the first time that designers used such kind of adornments – Tisci is not new to this style and opted for it several times – but now it embodies an all new message, once rebellious and punk, now they are an irresistible pop and a fashion accessory that shines a cool touch, and even Chiara could’t resist this trend: did you see the piercing she got in NY during fashion week?

The “ouch” trend (if you have a piercing you know what we’re talking about) is pretty addictive: once you get one you just can’t stop thinking about the next. Are you in to it but not ready for such an extreme move? Don’t worry! Givenchy, Rodarte and Balenciaga, only to name a few, made some nice clips, used as beauty accessories, that you can style without thinking of scars or signs and being able to chose if you want to be a bad girl one day, or a princess the other. So, which team are you on? Are you a piercing purist on willing to give the fakes a try? Or simply don’t like ’em at all?

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    Hiii Chiara,
    I am from Morocco and I’m a huge fan of your blog !
    I wanted to ask you if you can write an article about how to start a blog or maybe about your own path.
    Thank You if you do,

    Reply to Sofia
  • not sure how I feel about this — kinda scary. I guess it’s too much for me 🙂


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