When it comes to fashion, we have seen a lot of trends, and a lot of them have been en vogue before, over and over again. Thanks to the creativity of designers, though, we never got bored of them so far, and our longing for fresh inspiration for our otherwise well-worn wardrobe is rarely disappointed. New unexpected twists and innovative takes surprise us every season, and they especially do so this Spring Summer 2017! And we’re not only talking about brand-new creations that never hit the runways before: we are talking about trends that do not change our habits at all, but that still revamp our look.

Classic garments are especially worth being watched every season, as no fashion piece will be reinvented in so many new ways over and over again. Over the last few seasons, we spotted button-up shirts and tops being cut, twisted, charged with ruffles or punched with holes in totally unexpected places. Necklines and shirt sleeves were removed or shifted, and at the same time, volume was added in the form of long trails, opulent knots or volants. In a nutshell, shirts — and skirts, too by the way — that were otherwise classic were totally deconstructed, ending up being nothing but asymmetrical.

And guess what: we love it! This innovative take on classics is just what we need to refresh our wardrobe without any effort, since the new versions of these classics can be styled just as easily as their original version: with our favorite pair of jeans, with a suit, with shorts and basically with everything else you can find in your closet. So take a chance and go for the unexpected, dare to wear a one-sleeve, or a one-strap top. There is nothing as stimulating right now in fashion than to look great seen from one side, and even better when seen from the other.






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