We have all been there, right? You’re all dressed up and ready to hit the city. You just need to grab your cute mini bag…and that is more complicated than it sounds. You desperately try to squeeze in your few belongings and finally end up curled up on the floor, in a nervous breakdown, surrounded by your smartphone, your purse, your sunglasses, your lipstick, your keys, your tissues, your umbrella and your perfume. Girls, it won’t have to be this way anymore: the new fashion trends for Fall Winter 2017-2018 are here, and they are giving us new hope.

When it comes to bags this season, feel free to dream big, little ones, because what we just spotted on the latest catwalks is huge, literally, huge! Balenciaga, Celine, Jil Sander & Co. were very generous with the size of their bags, indeed. Bulky, folded or oversized — whatever the shape or the materials, their new clutches and shoppers showed us that the marvelous comfort of Mary Poppins wonder bags can be real.

What this means for us: no squeezing needed anymore, no prioritizing when deciding between your lipstick and your gloss (just take them both!), or whether you might need an extra scarf for the night, or maybe a bottle of water, if you get thirsty while you are out. Now you can just fit everything in, from an extra pair of shoes to your favorite book and even, looking at at Stella McCartney’s XXL bags, a whole pillow. Isn’t this amazing? Welcome to heaven, girls!




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