As summer gets hotter, our dresses get shorter, how convenient — this leaves more bare skin, and therefore more space for jewelry. When it comes to jewelry, we all tend to limit our thinking to necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Too bad! We all have one whole body, so why not decorate each single part of it, from head to toe? 

This plea for body jewelry was sparked by the recent Chanel Cruise 2018 show, which must have taken place in ancient ruins in Greece – it looked like it did at least, although it was actually at the Grand Palais in Paris. That was funny, because this blend of Antiquity and present times exactly reflected Karl Lagerfeld’s innovative interpretation of jewelry: wearing old things in a new way. On the one hand, the models looked like ancient goddesses, wearing arm cuffs and crowns, two accessories we honestly never think of wearing; on the other hand, they looked like modern urban women, wearing colorful sandals, and brand-new materials.

It’s a mix we should definitely imitate! Arm cuffs especially are effortless jewelry pieces, with a hint of ancient nostalgia, that can instantly glam up your outfit. Perfect to pimp your modern look! 

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