Everyone loves a good uniform. And we don’t mean men in a uniform, don’t get us wrong, we’re talking about fashion here! If you look at the last 30 years of fashion, you will also notice that our closets got more and more crowded with clothing items that were originally for the military, and that slowly became everyday items for all of us. Some of them even came to be seen as total must haves, essential, eternal pieces for our look.

Bomber jackets are one of these pieces: Alpha Industries originally designed these jackets for American Air Force pilots — its original name, MA-1, almost sounds like the name of a weapon. Its original design is also behind some of the bomber jacket’s characteristics you can still see today, like its orange lining: orange was chosen because it would make pilots more visible in case of a plane crash.
During the 1980s, bomber jackets stopped being exclusively worn by pilots and became pretty commonplace everywhere, and especially over the past year, they really became a center piece of all true fashionistas’ closets. This is why we also decided to release our very own bomber jackets, together with Alpha Industries, the brand that originally designed bomber jackets for the American military. Our bomber jackets come in three colors, burgundy, black and camouflage green: the latter is the same color as the original design for the American Air Force. Only available on #ShopTheBlondeSalad!

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