COVER-JEANSWe spent a good half of our teenage years fighting with the hem of our jeans, when it constantly ripped after being stepped on one too many times, and having to go to the tailor, because our new pants were obviously too long. Now we can stop worrying about all that, since the Spring Summer 2016 trend is no hem at all. The trend dictates that jeans should be frayed, or roughly cut with scissors at the bottom. Seriously, you really got that right: you can go dig in your closet for that one pair of jeans that still fits you so well, but that you haven’t worn in ages because of a broken hem! And it’s not only about pants: your old denim skirts and dresses will also be more cutting edge if you update them with a good, clear cut. Not feeling brave enough for DIY? No worries: just go shopping. You will find our favorites of the season in the gallery. How do you like this trend?

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14 Responses to “Denim trend for Spring Summer 2016: say goodbye to bottom hems!”

  • I actually loved ripped denim as a young teenager, especially during my middle school years, but as I grew up, I thought they looked a little too “childish,” but the looks that you just shared definitely prove otherwise! Loving all of these stylish and chic ensembles! Thank you so much for sharing!

    XO, Elizabeth

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    I’ve been loving all the interesting takes we’ve been seeing on denim at the moment, a pair or raw hem jeans vetements inspired jeans are next on my wishlist!

    Reply to Eva
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