cover occhiali da soleWould you spend a fortune on a pair of sunglasses? I did, and I would do it again.Because sunglasses are one of the few secure investments you have in your entire closet: they don’t get ruined (at least not too much: always keep them protected though). You can wear them almost every day, weather permitting, for almost the entire year, they protect you from prying eyes and they give, an indisputably cooler touch to your outfit. And even if it’s true that trends change, you can be sure that they’ll come back again. You want proof? Below you’ll find the eyewear trends for 2016, check out the gallery for the hottest styles of the season. We’re already thinking of which one to add to our collection!

1. Aviator. Does this remind you of anything? Well we told you, especially with sunglasses, trends pay off, because you can always go back to wearing that style you loved five years ago.

2. Color! Whether it’s the lenses – mirrored perhaps! – or the frames, this summer 2016 is more rainbow-like than ever. Choose a very original shade, for example orange or light blue and you will be able to combine it with almost anything.

3. Sport. Go to the fitness department and take those wraparound and coloured styles that are only used for biking or hiking and combine them with your city look. We promise you an ULTRACOOL effect.

4. Tortoiseshell. They’re a classic for the closet, especially for men, so if you don’t have a pair in your drawer, go and steal them from that of your dad or grandpa. Vintage models are always the best. Otherwise flick through the gallery and… fall in love.

5. Overlays. You will have probably already seen them around because this is not a new trend, but if you don’t have a pair like these, it’s worth giving it some thought: there are those sunglasses that have a transparent frame, which allows you to see the structure of the glasses, perhaps with a different shape. What do you say, do you like them?

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