What are the trends for Fall Winter 2016? Looking at catwalks, we could come up with several, but if you want to know what you will really wear, and what you should really have in your closet, then you should watch celebrities — since they already started wearing Winter collection clothing in Summer. Here are our 10 favorite trends!

1. Go big or go home. Saw Rihanna in a down jacket on the streets of London, this August? This will probably make you wonder about the English weather — is it really that cold? Come on, we can’t believe that… Anyway, look at the size of that jacket: it’s really maxi! So, if you are in any doubt this season as to what the right size your next buy should be, the answer is, one size up. Oversize is in for everything: coats, shirts, sweatshirts and tees.

2. Hoodies. You must have at least one in your closet. The key to be able to wear it day and night is to wear it with something sexy, like crazy high heels, or bare legs.
3. Sweatpants. The Adidas ones, with the three stripes on the side, are definitely a must-have. Look cool in them by wearing them with rock’n’roll booties, or even with a pair of high heeled sandals.

4. Velvet dresses. If slip dresses have been a key item of many wardrobes for a few seasons, you can be sure their velvet version will be perfect for winter.

5. Thigh-high boots. Boots are center-stage this season, and they come in multiple designs, colors and materials. If you feel daring, choose a high-heeled pair that goes up to your mid-thigh, and match it to anything you like… Especially with casual wear, to play with contrast.

6. Bustiers. Prada set a trend: corsets are the new accessory you should count on, to look super cool and feminine. You should give corsets a new twist, though, by wearing them over a T-shirt or a shirt, to mark your waistline.

7. Pajamas. What can be comfier than a pyjama set? If you wear a cool lace one, like Lady Gaga’s, you might as well stock up on them for Fall.

8. Shearling. Gigi Hadid loves it already — and she showed how to wear it and look sexy, and cool. Match it with something very light, like a silky slip dress.

9. Ripped tops. Your mum may disagree, but the coolest tees and sweatshirts are the ones that look (well) worn!

10. Combat boots. Selena Gomez wore them on the red carpet, too, and we have no doubt that they are something you will definitely want in your wardrobe. Their added value? They are super comfortable, and versatile, too!



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