The time has come to unite to feel free, and proud to be women! This season, fashion is lending us a hand in raising our voice in many direct and indirect ways. The clearest way showed as political and social messages all over the collections, and in a more subtle way too, with the braless trend — also known as Free the Nipple! Sheer fabrics and bare breasts were seen at some of the most important shows of next winter, and if the concept is still unclear to you, well, should we just remind you of the feeling of freedom you experience every day when you take off your bra…? Finally, the time has come in which baring our bodies has nothing to do with seduction. We know that it is not easy, but true freedom will only come when we can feel comfortable, beautiful, and proud of our bodies in front of everyone… And that is what we need to be working on! How can something as superficial as wearing no bra become something so meaningful, then? Well, it is meaningful if you see it as the freedom to wear, or not wear, whatever makes us feel good, or even more simply, whatever we like. In a few words, your body, your choice… And with beauty on our side, it gets even easier and that is not little! Are you ready for Fall Winter 2017-2018? Now is not the time to stay behind, it’s time to let everyone #HearOurVoice.

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    I hope this fashion ‘trend’ comes full circle to the general public- that is, goes beyond celebrities, scattered success stories, and my fellow girlfriends. Be proud!

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