It certainly happened to you too, and probably several times…seeing a dress on a celebrity or on your favorite style icon, falling madly in love with it at first sight, then starting an obsessive research in every store and website to find out the name of the brand or, better yet, its low cost version. And maybe, after a month, find out it was Zara dress that is now sold out. Or even worse, never find out at all.

Saying it’s frustrating is an understatement, but if you are not so lucky to find exactly what you are looking for browsing through our TBS guides, the only solution to our fashionista “Guess Who” would be having a friend who knows every piece of every collection present on earth by heart. Almost impossible you would think, but we actually know one. His name is Seezona, it’s our virtual BFF; a website that is able to find that item or accessory we saw on a magazine or street style gallery and give us all the info we need, from the price to the store we can buy it at.

How? In just 3 steps. All you need is upload a picture of what you are looking for, give an indication of the price range we’d like to get (yes, because we might know the brand and would like to know if something more accessible exists) and start the research. And if you’re in the mood for it, even buy it directly from there. A revolution. Or better, a tragedy if one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2016 was to not invest all your pay in clothing 😉  In fact, if before it could have taken us weeks to find it – if we even ever had- now everything is just a click away. And not only that. Seezona also features a community of fashion influencers and style icons who share their inspirations through moodboards made of their season’s favorite products. Even Chiara created her profile and her first moodboard! Well, resisting the temptation it’s quite impossibile…

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  • cool invention!! But the match choice should be more!!!~

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