On Wednesday we wear pink. If you have watched Mean Girls, you know this is an unwritten rule that every college-age girl should follow, if they want to be cool, that is. Even if you finished college long ago, and especially if you are fashion lovers, you will surely have a few pink clothes in your closet: yes, this color is a must for every true fashionista’s palette. Since the 1930s, when Schiaparelli chose this color as its symbol, pink won the hearts of a growing number of people, beating the stereotype that it was too romantic, or even worse, too childish. Remember winter 2013? Streetstyle literally was invaded by baby pink coats, and over the following seasons, going for a pink total look became completely natural and chic, just like going for total black. Last December, though, Pantone – that had chosen rose quartz as its nuance of the year in 2016 – announced a definite change of direction, choosing greenery, a shade of green with a yellow hue, as its color for 2017.

So, will green be the new pink? According to the American company that selects a trending color every year, taking into consideration not only trends in fashion and beauty, but also those in lifestyle, it seems to be that way. The reason is that greenery allegedly seems to express the human need to reconcile with nature, finding refuge in it, getting away from the growing stress of modern lifestyle. This need shows not only in the growing trend of choosing more natural foods – it might not be a coincidence that acid green matcha seems to have become an essential component in the photos of any self-respecting influencer, after all – it is also apparent in cosmetics, where organic is king, in design, and in fashion. Looking at the catwalks of Spring Summer 2017, you will actually come across some spots of greenery: on Loewe’s pirate tunics, on Miu Miu’s suits, in geometric and floral patterns, and on Balenciaga’s 1970s-style leggings and tunics. Let’s be honest, though: this color suits few of us. Very few of us, actually.

It might suit some ethereal creatures with alabaster skin, or maybe red hair, such as wonderful Julianne Moore, who wore greenery on the SAG Awards 2016 red carpet. It might also work for women with the kind of strong personality who could wear anything, and still look tremendously chic. It’s very different when it comes to darker, more intense nuances of green, such as emerald or teal, or when we think of those shades in which the yellow hue is not so strong, making the color look colder, but also making it easier to wear. These are the shades we love: remember the famous green dress that Keira Knightley wore in Atonement, that made her get nominated Best Dressed Woman that year? If we look at the summer collections, it is exactly these shades that catch the eye, and that make us want to give a chance to this beautiful color, the symbol for hope, just perfect for the new year that is just starting.

Pink lovers, don’t worry: Spring Summer 2017 collections will still feature la vie en rose, and to be honest, green will probably never be the new pink. That said, if you realize you want a green sweatshirt or a green pair of pants, remember that this is the right time to go for it, especially if you keep in mind that green really works with everything… Including pink.

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