Be honest: you’re totally team #coldfeet and you’d happily wear your socks at night even in June (but you don’t, because you’re a decent person), and you wear tights and thick socks with your boots. No need to be ashamed: no more worrying about your socks showing under your low boots, or suffering the cold when it’s 10 degrees outside with bare feet. Socks have made a comeback, everybody’s in love with them, and they are the must-have accessory with any kind of look and any kind of shoes!

From furry slippers to fancy sandals, the trend of the Fall Winter 2017-2018 collections is saying NO to bare feet, as confirmed by global trendsetter Rihanna who, in addition to having her Fenty models walk the runway with knee-high sports socks, has designed a new collection of socks for Stance, inspired by her iconic looks, from the CFDA Awards total nude to the Met Gala yellow cape gown.

Then again, we’d been smelling the arrival of this trend for quite some time, both on the street and in the fashion shows; for a few seasons, the most popular boots among celebs (and everyone else: see the Zara collections) have been stretch boots.

To conclude: it’s high time you went shopping for net socks, sports socks, and more importantly, extra large wool socks: we’ll be wearing them with our naked legs (your feet are covered, that’s what matters!), with sandals or with pumps when we want to feel sexy, with Beatles-style low boots when we feel tomboyish, with flats when we feel romantic, and with furry slippers when we want to be super cool fashionistas. In any case, our feet will no longer be cold. About time, right?

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