Classic and traditional palettes are finally starting to make way to bright, vibrant colors such as orange, which are conquering street styles. Men and women, day and night wear, winter and summer, orange is the one color your wardrobe needs right now. We know, we know – it’s not easy to wear and neither is it to mix and match in an outfit, but you can look at celebrities such as Bella Hadid for inspiration, with her orange skirt-and-jacket outfit, or at Chiara‘s orange oversize sweater-turned-dress… no need for pants!

Don’t like the monochrome look? No problem. Have fun coordinating orange with unexpected colors such as purple, red, pink, or green, or with prints and patterns. New fashion trends follow the “life is short, take risks” motto; what about you, are you onboard with it? We guarantee orange will be THE color this and the next season, so let yourself be inspired, and get your best outfits out of the closet!

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