In the history of fashion, dresses and skirts have always been the prime way to represent femininity. Things are changing, though, and in Fall Winter 2017-2018, women’s image is defined by tailored pants. Think about it: whenever we want to make an impression, we usually think of a dress which will gift us with a beautiful silhouette, and all the compliments that will bring. But, as Maria Grazia Chiuri x Dior reminded us, “we should all be feminist“, and that means the time has come to wear pants! Can’t live without your dresses? No worries, just wear them over your pants — it’s a trend this year, and the result is even better!
If you need a few ideas on how to wear them, here we are: we chose our favorite looks from the shows for next winter: look at the gallery to find out the reasons behind our picks.

Joseph. tailored pants usually come in grey or black, but since Joseph never wants to confine itself to classics, they suggest wearing fuchsia ones. And that’s not all, look at the detail of the cuffs underneath: the result creates a perfect synergy of volume and length. For a colorful total look, nothing can beat Joseph.



Tibi. you might be think you are seeing the usual black tailored pants, but if you look a little closer, you will notice a few details that will strike your attention. First off, the length, which makes them look instantly youthful and cool; then there’s the “belt” attached to the waist, which makes them look like a two-piece outfit, when actually this is just one piece of clothing. It’s perfect if you want to go for a 1980s outfit, which will make your thin waist stand out, creating a contrast with broad shoulders.



Jil Sander. the reason should be pretty obvious here. Leather pantsuits will always be a winner. If you are looking for a way to be sophisticated, while staying cool and looking badass, you know what material you need to go for.



Ellery. it might look like just another pair of tailored pants, but it is actually so much more. Just look at the tortoise-shell buckle and the extralong belt. The oversize cut not only makes these pants cool, but it also lends them a very street touch, when worn with a turtleneck jersey. And who doesn’t like street style?



Balenciaga. what do these pants make you think of when you see them? We think of  sweatpants rather than a pair of tailored pants, but it’s the details — such as length and the white stripes on the side — that give it a sporty touch, lending some coolness to the entire design. If you wear them with a pair of white pointy toe booties, a 1980s-style shirt and a blue leather band, you will have a truly unique look.



Attico. the color red, the oriental-style print and the volume of these pants are the ingredients that make this piece unique. So trendy already, wear them with a red velvet dress and a pair of flats, too, and the result of this unusual combination will steal your heart.



Dries Van Noten. classics will always be the best choice, and these oversize pants, whose length is designed to be worn with lace-ups, totally remind us of the ever-charming Jil Sander mood of the 1990s.



Calvin Klein. as we just said, classics are always the best choice. All you need to do is think about what to wear them with, and you will end up having an utterly cool result! As in this case: who would ever have imagined that a pant suit could look so good with a pair of brown cowboy boots?



Monse. one of the most originally designed tailored pants of the season, whose lace-up detail will land you right at the center of attention. They were just perfect for the general vampire-like look of that show 😉



Céline. don’t let your eyes get distracted by the all over globe-like print, and make sure you look at the cut on the knees: this is how Céline’s girls turn into rebels! The most sensible way to wear these pants would be solely with plain, solid colors, to balance the all over colorful print… But no! If you are ready to wear these pants, you must also be ready to follow the trend of print-on-print, and we totally agree on that!


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