Do you want to be seductive while riding a new trend this summer? The Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017 shows in Paris suggest something perfect for that, putting a spotlight on our shoulders. This often overlooked part of the female body grabbed all the attention at the high fashion shows, turning them into a sometime romantic, occasionally sensual and at times original detail. Whether they are bare or covered, what matters is to show off your shoulders!

How? If you like attention, and enjoy having everyone’s gaze on you, choose ruffles, large ribbons, frills, feathers and extravagant geometric patterns, as seen at the Chanel, Kritharioti, Gaultier and Maison Margiela shows. If you would rather keep to a minimal, sophisticated look, go to Elie Saab, Hediprasetyo, Dior and Dany Atrache for inspiration: these maisons choose sleeker silhouettes that still catch the eye.
Finally, if you don’t want to bare too much skin, but still want to ride the trend, go for addition rather than subtraction: long sleeves and high necks, with decorations so lush that they almost become vestments, as at Viktor&Rolf’s.

Colors finish the job – from more delicate hues to stronger ones, colors set a specific mood for each choice: black for rock’n’roll souls at Redemption‘s, multicolor for more imaginative ones, or pink, for those who like to feel like they are little girls again, like Giambattista Valli‘s models. If this trend won your heart, don’t miss the gallery!

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