The time has come for us to get in that 1980s mood, because next season is bringing back one of our favorite trends: overstated shoulder pads! Jil Sander, Saint Laurent and Marques’ Almeida are only some of the brands that made us realize that in Fall Winter 2017-2018, our shoulders will be getting a lot of attention. What do you think? We absolutely agree: giving prominence to our shoulders make us feel important, self-assured and of course, totally fashionable. If you are looking for inspiration, definitely look at the Jil Sander show, where classics were reinvented to be worn with shoulder pads — and we think it’s a great idea! The result is utterly cool and sophisticated. Can you tell we can’t wait for next winter to come?

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    I have a wonderful ‘salmon’-colored light wool blazer that I bought in 1990. I never got rid of it because it is of the kind of quality that is hard to find today. It has pretty serious shoulder pads and is finger tip length – two looks that have been out of fashion for a while. I don’t buy fashion, I buy great style. As Coco Chanel said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” Buy style/quality and keep it forever.

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    I love shoulder pads can you please tell me where I can purchase clothes with them please?

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  • I love this trend, and some other from the 80s too: prints, for example, as well as the flower prints from the 60s.

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