The trend for this spring is unexpectedly useful: stylists unanimously elected the scarf as the must-have accessory, get ready for a beautiful day and just knot it around your neck. Need some advice on how to wear it? Tie it neatly and laterally leaving the tails free to drap on you, just like Saint Laurent does; wind it several times around the throat and close it with a knot, Gucci loves it this way; or simply loop it around keeping the knot hidden, so you can reach that silky “choker” effect, as seen at Acne Studios. Which one do you like the most?

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16 Responses to “Spring Summer 2015 Trends: the scarf and how to wear it”

  • Gorgeous inspo, love the Acne Studios look 🙂 I’ve just bought my first skinny scarf of the season as it has been freeeezing here in Sydney. Can’t wait to wear it this spring.

    Reply to Jess

    Sadly I am too put off by the protruding bones and visible rib cages of the models.

    Reply to Kristen
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