cover tendenze scarpeIt hasn’t even been a month since Winter officially started,but this is what’s up: we already wish it was Summer. We’d like to get rid of coats, show our legs and get rid of all the layers of wool. Here in Milan, where the editorial office of The Blonde Salad is located at, it is and it still will be a dream for a while and even though we’ll have to wait a little longer for light dresses and shorts, there’s already something we can buy and wear:bags and shoes! But, what will the Spring Summer 2016 Shoe trends be? We analyzed the fashion shows to identify the 5 strongest trends of the summer season and to understand what must-have pieces we should have in our closet. A tip: some brands included these trends in their winter collections as well, so, take advantage of the sales and buy the right item that will rock even during the upcoming months!

Cowboy Boots. The cowboy trend will continue during summer so, if you still haven’t got yourself a pair, it is time to make up for it. Choose them basic or super decorated and wear them with everything, from ultra feminine dress to jeans and leather jacket!

Sabots. They are definitely the shoes we should focus on, from now until next winter included. Stiletto heel or medium to block heel. Pick the style that most reflects your personality and start to wear it immediately. Afraid of the cold temperatures? Get inspired by Chanel Pre Fall and wear your sabots with ultra decorated lace stockings for a very French and sexy effect.

Buckle. The detail that makes the difference in the Spring Summer 2016 shoes. In a maxi version: at the ankle, they can make even the most classic pump special; on the upper, they give personality to flat slippers.

Ethnic. A huge trend even in clothing. Spring Summer 2016 is inspired to many cultures and re-elaborates traditional costumes with a modern, at times futuristic twist. Mixing clothes and accessories from different cultures becomes ultracool. Jeans are matched with Moroccan slippers, feminine and bon ton dresses with sandals handmade by artisans from faraway lands. So, browse through the souvenirs from your trips and if you are planning a foreign escape, remember to leave with an empty suitcase and buy as much as you can at your destination!

Criss-cross Strap Slides. If you are looking for flat sandals, then have no doubt: the coolest of the season are minimal with two large criss-cross straps on the foot. If you are not basic types, there are plenty of more elaborated versions, from granny styles one with a wedge to the slightly ethnic ones (see above) and those featuring details borrowed from sportswear technical accessories.

Let our gallery inspire you with the most beautiful styles seen on the runway and…enjoy shopping!

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