Blazers were chosen as the key item par excellence for all closets this season, and if you followed the shows, you may have realized that that is not all: say goodbye to your pants and skirts, it’s time to go back to the 1980s, and wear your blazer as a dress! For those who like improvising, and like oversized clothing, Marques’ Almeida will definitely be inspiration for you, look for a relaxed fit blazer, and wear it in a super cool way. If you would rather let your silhouette stand out, some brands, like Alessandra Rich, designed mini-dress blazers, and the results are truly elegant… And very sexy! And, without losing that strong-woman image we all love! If you are curious and would like to know more, find some brands in the gallery that included blazers in their new collections, as well as some celebrities who really couldn’t say no to this trend… And they already started wearing it!

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    I totally IN with this 80’s trend. it’s great that we can have a full closet with all the mom/dad all clothes.


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  • This trend is definitely worth trying on, but I kind of dislike it. I better go for a dress and cover it with a light blazer. The blazer dress is professional, and festive.

    xo, Jess |

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