There is one small trend that first made its appearance on the Spring Summer 2017 runway shows. To be honest, it did not catch  our full attention at first, but ever since then, it got more and more popular in the fashion scene, and in fact, it turned out to be one of the most popular street style trends this season. What we are talking about, then? We’re talking about knots. Knots on blouses. Knots on skirts. Knots on sleeves. Knots everywhere! 

This understated trend is just the twist we were waiting for to pimp up our daily wardrobe. You feel like wearing basics but they seem a little boring to you? Knots are the solution! Have a look at the knotted tees and dresses at the T by Alexander Wang Spring Summer RTW 2017 Show. So simple, yet so feminine – the perfect hack to look interesting, but not overdressed. Get inspired by the knotted sleeves and necklines at the House of Holland’s Show, too: it will instantly make you want knot a gingham carré scarf around your neck, and around your wrists. And if you are just daydreaming about seaside vacations, get some maritime inspiration from J.Crew’s: you will love their skirts and trousers with laced-up cord details.

So, it’s a wrap: fashionistas went crazy about knotting everything that can be wrapped or burled. They are kinking voluminous fabrics, they are kinking belts, they are kinking ribbons on decollétes, lacing up mounted cords on jeans, skirts or shirts. And since the fashion industry is always in hot pursuit of the runway trends, you will not have break the bank to follow this trend: you can already find amazing denim pieces with cord details at H&M or Topshop, as well as knotted blouses at Mango, or kinked skirts at Zara.

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