modsThe Mod movement (abbreviation of modernism, term initially coined to define fans of modern jazz) is a youth subculture born in England in the early 1960’s. These kids, mostly coming from working class families were teenagers during the early stages of the economic booming, they also were the pioneers of eccentricity, conveying their individuality through a neat and innovative look, listening to alternative music such as soul, ska, beat and rhythm & blues, embellishing their Italian scooters with many lights and mirrors and spending their nights dancing in the clubs. They were obsessed by fashion and by the hedonistic cult of super-cool.

“New French line haircuts” inspired by the protagonist of French film they were fans of, extravagant fabric slim cut tailored suits, ankle boots, college style loafers with fringe or tassels and, above all, the classic M51 parka are some of the features of the outfit of a true Mod. Girls dressed androgynously, even though if was them who first embraced the trend of the miniskirt, that was born right in that time and that soon became shorter and shorter. As soon as the movement started to become more mainstream, it was also seen on some models. One of them was Twiggy, the top model who helped spreading it even outside the London circle. Have you ever watched Quadrophenia? It’s a manifest of youth restlessness with by the soundtrack of the Who, whose protagonist is the real Mod Jimmy.

This subculture of over 50 years old is very current, even if now shocking seems to have become a the norm rather than the exception. Some Mod vibrations are found in the photos we selected from the Spring Summer 2016 shows, which we mixed with photos from the past for our gallery: check them out and get inspired; these clothes and accessories will surely make their come back even in the future seasons.


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