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Shoes obsession! While breathtaking gowns are shining on Parisians catwalks, we’re concentrated on our true loves: boots, pumps & co. During the MFW we hunted down the hottest trends at shows and accessories presentations to find out what will be the next season’s “must have”. Et voilà: here are the 3 strongest shoe Fall Winter 2015 trends. Tell us which one you think is going to be a win or a fail (and what’s your favourite pair in the gallery below!).

Bondage. Probably it’s still because of 50 Shades of Grey but the most seen shoes on the runway and at the presentations are full of laces and strings that wrap you up and bless you with a super sexy and provocative look. A mood that flirts with the bodices of the Victorian era, and it’s not a case that now they’re the hottest thing in lingerie.

Velvet. It’s the new object of desire. We really like it, especially in shades of burgundy and pink powder, it makes us dream about Versailles and its beautiful gardens.

Fur. If it’s true that it’s not the new thing on the catwalk, but it seems that this season every designer was enchanted by its appeal, mostly for the accessories. Fur is everywhere, on boots, ankle boots, slippers and open sandals, a one on one challenge against winter but with style.


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