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The sun is shining and flowers are blooming so it’s finally time to step out and go shopping, with a special regard to what was seen on the runway, trying to figure out which will be the Spring Summer 2015 trend and dress it perfectly (or simply decide not to). Below, the top 5 trends and, in the gallery, the coolest looks for this upcoming season.

Seventies. No doubt, it’s the leading trend, and the cool thing is that it’s not limited to a single main event, it covers the whole decade, meaning that influences are many and variegated: from Chanel’s “’68 strike” look, to the widely acclaimed hippie style, from Emilio Pucci to Chloé, and last but not least the glam-rock look that thrilled Saint Laurent and Tommy Hilfiger collections.

Oriental. Japan and China are going to be the second big thing this season: designers are always studying Far-East’s traditional garments and prints, reinventing established codes with an eye for modernity, opening a fascinating dialogue among two cultures, by creating really unique “must-have” items. An example? The Kimono-jacket, definitely a cult.

Stripes. They never set and are always in vogue (Coco Chanel and her marinière is an evergreen trope of timeless class and grace) and this Spring Summer 2015 stripes are nominated for “best actor in a leading role”. Standing, horizontal, multicolor and bicolor: there are all kinds of stripes.

Nets. It’s going to be a hot summer, that’s sure. Maybe Hurricane Kim’s (Kardashian, of course) fault or a need to rediscover our own sensuality, the certain thing is that the consequence stands alone: we have nothing-to-hide. The net look is seductions emblem (and goes all the way back to the collants so glamourous on the 50’s divas), it is used sometimes on garments playing with a super sexy transparence effect (like Balenciaga), or can also show a very romantic side (like in the Alberta Ferretti show).

Folk Prints. Highly elaborated and with flowers embroidered all over, Louis Vuitton loves them and so does Valentino. The inspiration? Different and remote areas: from Italy to the Balkans, a patchwork of influences to put in your valise.

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    I love it its so cute I am in love with this stripes trend I really want to try these folk prints and mix them with today’s trend

    Reply to Esra Tunel
  • […] have seen it time-and-time again. Every era circles back around eventually and 1970’s style is no different. 70’s style is one of the most popular fashion trends because many of the […]

    Love the net look! How would you recommend taking it from the runway to a more casual ready-to-wear ensemble?

    Reply to Haley
  • Stripes are forever!
    I really want to try the folk look and actually mix it with a 70’s kind of style– this summer I will definitely open up to more prints.

    Reply to Sharvelle
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