As you may all have realized, the 1990s are the decade everyone is crazy about right now… But are we really ready to follow all the trends of that time? Yes, we are! The latest trend to surface, which has not gone mainstream yet, is tie-dye, short for tie, twist and dye. You know that kind of very psychedelic, hippie graphic style that was all the rage in the 1970s? Well, it’s back! And it’s the kind of thing you either love or hate, there is no being neutral. In my case, tie-dye is a passion of mine: not only have I been a fan of tie-dye since I was a kid, I also attended fabric-painting classes, during which I experimented a little with this technique. Tie-dye is actually a very easy process you can even do at home yourself, if you don’t mind the minor disaster of having colorful hands for a week… that is the main reason why tie-dye is not a part of my life anymore! 😉

Who would have thought that tie-dye would have resurfaced for Summer 2017 and Fall Winter 2017-2018, after all this time? Some brands, such as Off-White, Preen by Thornton Bregazzi and Toga showcased tie-dye in many, many palettes of colors. Since the trend hasn’t boomed yet and it is still new, this is a good time to decide what side you’re on — are you IN or OUT? If you want to be among the first to follow this trend, I will let you in on a little secret: vintage stores are the best places to find tie-dye clothing, there is no vintage store that won’t have at least a few items, and they will probably be a bargain. What do you think? It’s not a big risk, after all, you still have time to be the first ones to wear this trend!

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