If you’re not sure how to describe velvet corduroy exactly, we are here to help: it’s retro, it only works for your daytime looks, and it is the total opposite of sexy. While this might sound limiting, let’s not forget that corduroy can be totally cool, too! If you had a look at some Winter 2017 shows, like Marc Jacobs‘s and Prada‘s, you will have noticed that even a rather vintage textile like corduroy can be reinterpreted with a modern twist, and turned into one of the coolest fabrics you can wear this season. So, why be satisfied just with denim, when you can have corduroy? Trying it in new colors and shades, such as pink, blue, turquoise and burgundy is a key idea in order to do away with the vintage look of corduroy. Need a few examples? Have a look at the gallery, and look at some of our favorite ideas for this season. Our favorite look? Well, Nina Ricci wins, hands down!

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  • I recently looked at corduroy and am now writing a post on velvet. Corduroy is a day time thang ! Where as Velvet goes everywhere. Combine them , and who knows , I like glamour (no) I like sex appeal (no) I like sophistication (no) CorduroyVelvet NO!!

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