2 out of 4 of the strongest city players in fashion have already shown their collections and trends. Streetstyle sometimes confirmed them, and other times, it even anticipated them! It’s cold, but that shouldn’t stop us from wearing our coolest clothes. If you are still doubtful, well, then trust us on this: the solution to all your problems is called layering!

If you don’t like the cold and wear only pants in winter, leaving your dresses to gather dust in your closet, this trend is just for you. Why choose, when you can wear everything at the same time? Yes, dresses + pants is the new cool match you just can’t miss! How can you make the right choice, then? One pair of pants and an infinite amount of dresses: just imagine how many cool combinations you can create! A few tips to get daring and try this out? For a casual day look, wear them with flats, but get extra daring in the evening and wear you dress + pants with heels: it will look so feminine and sexy… Can’t disagree with us on that, right? If you like the idea, have a look at our gallery for some inspiration to create your own look!

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