coverHere we are: the most beautiful moment of the season has come, and no we’re not talking about holidays, you’re right; they are a given, that’s true, but unfortunately at least for us, they’re still far away. There is, however, something that is closer, or already a reality – the 2016 Summer sales! Whether you’re one of those that has already bought your must have, or you’re someone that’s waited patiently for the right moment to arrive and take advantage of the sales; now you need a plan of action so that you’re ready and won’t get overwhelmed by things you’d rarely, or never wear. Sales are indeed the right time to fulfil some desires, but also a time to invest in items and accessories that you’ll definitely use in the next season. So, what should you buy in the 2016 Summer sales? Here’s our top 10!

1. Slip dress. If you don’t already have one, it really is the time to buy it. It may seem like a difficult item to wear, but instead it’s actually quite versatile: under a t-shirt it’s perfect for a summer’s day, and with a turtleneck it becomes a must have for winter.

2. A kimono. You’ve seen it come back into fashion and worn by celebrities like Rihanna and Beyoncé: this item is super chic and versatile, in fact you can wear it in a thousand different ways, in the city and at the seaside. A must? Have an original, perhaps vintage!

3. Shoes with pearls. Whether on the heels, on the straps or on the uppers, they are and will be shoes that will make a difference to your look.

4. Something dark. Skirts or vinyl jackets, small leather dresses, black gothic princess lace: this contra culture is one of the principle sources of inspiration for Pre Fall 2016.

5. A high-neck zip hoodie. You should know that this is one of the must haves for winter 2016, meaning that if you see one in the sales, grab it! And please don’t think that it’s just a sports item: there are sequin, velvet and silk versions to go with a look super posh.

6. A statement necklace. The bigger the better. Not convinced? Look at the catwalk (or our gallery below!).

7. Something nautical. This is a trend that never dies, but it comes back on a cyclical basis stronger than ever. Start with a classic striped t-shirt, continue with something decorated with stars and an insignia, if you’re brave enough, dare to wear a sailor hat. Marines at the ready!

8. Ballerina shoes. The classic silk versions are perfect for dancing on tarmac to the sound of the season’s coolest trends.

9. Denim covered in patches. Whether a jacket or a pair of jeans, you have to decorate it with colored patches to make it unique. Lazy? Buy it readymade (or use this service).

10. A small backpack. First of all, once you try it you will leave the super heavy bag that you used to carry on your shoulder every day at home. And then secondly because it’s ultra cool for the evening, especially if you choose a cute style!

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