Street style during fashion week has turned into its own fascinating world in the last few years. Not only did street fashion become almost as important for the fashion industry as catwalk trends, it also gives us precious insights into the subtle changes of aesthetic sense across the board.

If you’ve been watching the top influencers hop from show to show in the big four fashion capitals over the last seasons, you’ll know what I am talking about: instead of choosing head-to-toe designer looks, they look pretty dressed down, nowadays. We spotted plenty of vintage jeans with oversized coats, dresses worn right on top of washed out printed tees, or casual sneakers with miniskirts. These understated outfits can easily be fashioned from your own modest closet, proving that good style does not always have to be complicated.

But the “best dressed“ would not be the best dressed if their looks didn’t stand out in the crowd, even if they are going for a more laid-back styling. So what is the styling secret that still makes them look unique? It’s so easy that it might surprise you at first: the style set is rocking it with logo belts! If you think about it, you’ll realize that this accessory has very high approval ratings amongst the street style flock, indeed. There is not a single member amongst the so-called instagram generation who doesn’t show off Gucci’s interlocking G-piece, the Saint Laurent’s YSL gold chain or even the classic Hermès buckle. In fact, it seems that logo belts are back for good, having morphed into a completely newly interpreted fashion piece.

Bye bye, preppy logomania of the late ’80s — wearing logo belts today is not about personifying power and wealth: it’s about giving the new laid-back fashion attitude a little luxury twist. Just enough to make your old favorite jeans look exquisite, and give your nikes an unexpected touch of glamour. It’s the subtle secret to looking absolutely stylish whatever you wear – without having to spend hours in front of your closet. An unbeatable argument, we dare say, in favor of buckling up. Shop the key piece for nailing the trend right now!

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9 Responses to “Why a logo belt is all you need right now”

  • Great selection! I love wearing my Hermes logo belt…so much so that I have busted the strap and need one asap, but it is soooo expensive to replace! 🙁
    My fave in your selection is the gucci floral one 🙂

    Reply to Annie
  • Wonderful accessories! Loved the belts, specially the way they have been paired with nice clothing. 🙂

    Reply to Damsel
  • “it’s about giving the new laid-back fashion attitude a little luxury twist” perfectly describes the rise in popularity of the logo belt! I’m completely on board with this trend because it makes your closet go so much further and allows you to invest in a really versatile designer accessory that can be worn with a limitless combination of things, rather than a designer statement piece that only gets out of the closet a few times per year.

    Long live the logo belt!

    XO, Emily
    Epicurean Emily

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