Valentine’s day is in a week and you’re still looking for the perfect present for your sweetheart? No worries, this time you can count on us and especially on our very smart gift guide: tell us what kind of couple are you and we’ll show you what will make he or she happy!

“We’re just hanging out”: your relationship is just at the beginning and you prefer not to make it official. We totally agree, but we also think you should celebrate Valentine’s day the best as you can: who knows, maybe the perfect gift would be the turning point for your relationship! So look for funny presents, but keep it neutral. In this phase, maybe you still don’t know very well you bae and you can easily make mistakes.

“We’re dating”: things are getting serious between you two, even if marriage and kids are not on your list for the moment. You should know very well what your partner likes (if you don’t, well…ask yourself something!). If he or she likes sport or music, you should satisfy this passion. You can also choose very intimates gifts, such as fragrances and underwear, even jewellery. But be careful: if you don’t want to propose, you’ll better avoid diamonds.

“We’re engaged”: you’re missing a few months to your wedding and this Valentine’s day is just a number between all the ones yu already celebrate, but we suggest you not to lose the opportunity to show how much you love your partner with a beautiful present. Let’s discover, then, which are the accessories or the clothes that he o she would like to purchase, in order to show them how much you care. And if you’re planning to pop “that” question, well, be generous!


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