The trend of 2018? 1996! Why? Because it’s the year of “Spice”, the first album of the queens of the 90s: the Spice Girls!

Tops, babydolls and mega platforms: the style of each Spice was unique and original, just like their nicknames! Here is revealed the mysterious meaning behind all of them!



Posh Spice

Victoria Adams earned the name “Posh Spice” as her dad used to drop her off at school in a Rolls Royce.


Ginger Spice

Geri Halliwell was the group’s sex symbol! She was nicknamed “Ginger” for her liveliness and her flaming red hair.


Scary Spice

Mel B did not have fear! The “in-your-face” attitude, a pierced tongue and bold manner of dress made her gain the name of “Scary Spice”.



Sporty Spice

Today how many of you dress like Mel C? Track pants (sometimes Adidas or sometimes Kappa) and then sneakers and tattoos: a sporty girl, the Sporty Spice!


Baby Spice

Emma had long blonde hair, wore a pastel-colored babydoll and sneakers with a plateau. She was the youngest member of the group and for this reason she was called “Baby Spice”.


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