No one knows Milan better then them: Donatella Brun, Pierre Léonfort and Isabelle Valembras-Dahirel are the authors of the famous Louis Vuitton guides, who, as true insiders, describe the city through addresses and stories. In occasion of the publication of the brand new Italian issue, updated with new places to be discovered, we asked them what to do in Milan in 48 hours. They gave us 10 cult addresses for a weekend in the city and some of them are really a surprise…even for a real Milanese.


Breakfast at Pavé (via Felice Casati, 27). Here everything is absolutely delicious, but careful: this is one of the new cool spots and those who don’t love the crowds might best opt for an afternoon break when you can calmly enjoy a  slice of cake sitting at a table.

Outdoor Lunch at Madonnina (via Gentilino 4). Its courtyard is a meeting spot for designers and intellectuals who gather here to savor a big plate of yellow rice (the typical “alla milanese” that you cannot miss when visiting the city non) at very reasonable prices.

Dinner at Filippo La Mantia (piazza Risorgimento at the corner of via Carlo Poerio). The new restaurant of the Sicilian chef is located where the Gold once was and, after just a few weeks, is already expected to be one of the cult places for creative cuisine and a multifunctional environment open everyday from 8.00 am.

A “Sbagliato” at Bar Basso (via Plinio, 39). 80 years old and not feeling them: this historic bar continues to be a reference point for good drinking to Locals and tourists who come here to taste the original cocktail that became a classic created by its barmen: the Negroni Sbagliato, with Spumante instead of gin.


A walk in the Vivaio Riva (via Arena, 7). An Eden in the city, right in the middle of downtown and hidden from view, as all the most charming places in Milan. Spending a couple hours surrounded by violets, lavender and lemons (and why not buying plants for our private garden!) is totally worth it.


A performance at the Teatro Litta (corso Magenta, 24). The oldest Milanese theater still operating boasts a structure dating back to 1640 and original decorations that are worth the price of the ticket themselves. The program features modern and contemporary shows with young and competent companies.

A visit at the Pinacoteca di Brera (via Brera, 28). A museum with a rich painting collection,where even the wonderful courtyard surrounded by a double loggia is worth the visit. Amazing.

A rendez vous with the Castiglioni family at the Studio Museo Achille Castiglioni (Piazza Castello, 27). A place worshiped by architecture and design enthusiasts that is open only by appointment because each visit is unique. The wife and daughter of Achille Castiglioni welcome every visitor among the objects that marked the history of Italian design, as the famous Lampada Arco.


Looking for gems at L’Arabesque (Largo Augusto, 10). A concept store where vintage is mixed with independent brands clothes and accessories, perfumery and a selection of furniture pieces and home  accessories. Recently, it has also opened a bookstore-café to enjoy a super chic break.

Find collector’s items at Bloodbuster (via Panfilo Castaldi, 21). The humorous sign “All the cinema from B to Z” suggests the mood of this store dedicated to the trashiest and most perverse cinema, among rigorously Italian horror and detective movies.

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