Have you already planned your summer holidays for 2018? Booked your flights, hotel, car rental and everything else? If the answer is no, that’s the moment to decide something! Luckily, The Blonde Salad is here to show you three beautiful places to visit once in a lifetime for expert travellers! Are you ready to discover them with us?




Did you know that Chile is the number one place to visit according to Lonely Planet‘s experts? This South American country is still not very famous to international tourist, but the hype is growing very fast, and it’s not unusual to think it would be soon take in consideration by many travellers in the world! That’s why 2018 is the best year to visit Chile, especially because the country is celebrating its 200th independence anniversary. What to visit? Santiago Del Cile, the capital city with an international twist, then Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Acatama desert, Andes, beautiful Valparaiso that dips in the Pacific Ocean and the mysterious Easter Island.






The coolest place to visit this summer in Europe? It’s Malta, one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean sea. It’s still a niche destination, but 2018 could be a turning point: its capital city, La Valletta, has been named the European Capital of Culture 2018! This a good reason why you should take your first plane to Malta. This beautiful island has many breathtaking cliffs, seasides that can compete with Caribbean ones (have you ever heard about Blue Lagoon?), wonderful Gozo Island and beautiful Medina, Malta’s the ancient capital. We’re pretty sure you’ll have a wonderful vacation there!






Are you obsessed by Demna Gvasalia, Vetements and Balenciaga’s creative director? Well, you should plan a trip to Georgia, his home country! War threats are far away: today, Georgia is unveiling its beauties, such as beautiful Black Sea beaches, amazing forests and woods where you can have some wonderful time hiking! Tbilisi, its capital city, is an international metropolis, with a fashion industry that is rapidly growing. Another good reason to visit this country? Georgian’s wines!



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